Take your business to the next level with BPO Heroes.

BPO Heroes provides more than just effective outsourcing, we offer smart solutions to align with your growth and operational strategies.  Combining strategy and consulting with optimisation and outsourcing, partnering with BPO Heroes will ensure you retain the agility to maintain growth without the usual bottlenecks or cost constraints.

As businesses struggle to keep up with rising operational costs, lack of time and resources, more and more businesses are looking to outsource non-core or administrative processes. This is where BPO Heroes comes in. By partnering with us, more time and energy can be invested in building on the core and revenue generating activities of your business, thus allowing you to grow, and increase revenue, at a faster pace than your competitors.

BPO Heroes will help you scale your business, make more money and increase productivity.  What’s stopping you?  Get in touch now to arrange your free consultation.

What can we help you with?

BPO Heroes specialises in helping businesses achieve their goals through tailor fit solutions.
We will work with you to increase your revenue stream by making smart, cost-effective improvements to your operations.

Virtual Assistant

Hiring an actual virtual assistant can be costly and risky. You’ll entrust the business to a complete stranger. But when you work with us, it’s a different story.

Data Entry

BPO Heroes’ outsourcing data entry services pave the way for instant data access — minus the expensive costs. Our team understands the sensitive and thorough nature of data entry. We provide time, dedication and accuracy to improve your business’ productivity and performance.

Recruitment Assistant

You've most likely spent numerous hours on daily clerical tasks like as hiring procedures, long screening processes, scheduling appointments, and so on. In BPO Heroes, we value the concept of finding qualified and reliable candidate as it’s an essential factor in growing your business.

Research and Data Mining

Staying ahead the competition requires a lot of research. We help you make strategic decisions by studying the competition, taking charge of complex analysis, and offering insightful reports.

Our Clients

Leadership Experts

Recruitment Companies

Wellbeing/Health Coaches

Tendering Company

Rewards Program Company

Sales Training Company