Our Team.

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Who we are.

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BPO Heroes was established in 2016 to enable small and medium sized businesses realise their growth potential through outsourcing in the Philippines. Years of experience coupled with strong cultural ties, industry trends and local Government support for BPO providers makes BPO Heroes the best provider to partner with.

BPO Heroes specialises in helping businesses overcome challenges in quality outsourcing and other boundaries that prevent growth.  By working closely with businesses to understand their pain points and challenges we break down the barriers to successful scaling.  We will consult with you on your strategy, operations and current resources to come up with an outsourcing solution that will improve productivity, minimise operating costs and achieve success and growth.

Why outsource with us?

Why outsource?

As businesses struggle to keep up with rising operational costs, lack of time and resources, outsourcing non-core or administrative processes will be the solution. By outsourcing, more time and energy can be invested in building on the core and revenue generating activities of your business, thus allowing you to grow, and increase revenue, at a faster pace than your competitors.

Why us?

Our team will become your team.  What sets us apart is that not only will we integrate a specialised team into your business (e.g. customer service, data entry, tech support), we back that up with a full support structure including recruitment, training, performance management, professional development and more that you will automatically have access to.

Mission & Vision


To make outsourcing easy.


To help businesses all over the globe find their full potential.


Supporting Purple Centers Foundation

PCF is a not for profit, education-based organisation working alongside Filipino families from dumpsite and cemetery communities in the Philippines to ensure children follow their dreams and fulfil their potential in safe, healthy, and positive communities.  PCF provides holistic, integrated services ranging from various education programs to access to healthy food, wellness programs, medical services and social protection that children need in order to perservere through hardship and have a greater chance for a healthy, positive adulthood.