Get a Life: How to Delegate

I came across this article teaching business owners how to delegate. It’s pretty long so here are a few snippets that you might find interesting:

Entrepreneurs often try to do it all, believing they must handle many tasks themselves or that they can’t afford help. But that impulse can be self-defeating, both personally and professionally.

To build a business that provides steady personal, professional and financial fulfillment, you must find a balance. Indeed, all business owners — even solo entrepreneurs — need support to get the essentials done, build for the future and have time for a life.

What key tasks can — or should — business owners delegate or outsource to make personal time?

Rieva Lesonsky

If you want to start delegating, first you need to look at everything you do every day, how long each task takes you and what the outcomes of those tasks are. What activities do you enjoy? Which do you detest? What are you good or bad at?

You’ll likely notice you’re spending precious time on tasks that are better suited to employees, freelancers or even interns. And if you don’t have employees, it doesn’t mean you have to shoulder it all. Outsource what you can, hire a virtual assistant or some part-time employees.

Crystal Arredondo

The entrepreneur with a growth mindset understands that the optimal way to get to the next level is to leverage time, which requires outsourcing or delegating. A common personal challenge is accepting that someone else can take on your key tasks and do a good job. Granted, he or she may fall short of your standards of perfection, but what you get is bigger. More importantly, there is an aspect of “letting go” that all business owners need to become more comfortable with.

Sara Sutton Fell

As far as delegating specific tasks, I’d start by looking at things that you don’t truly enjoy or that could fairly easily be taught or transitioned to someone else. Quite simply, if there is not a good reason why you have to be the person doing it, then it’s something you could delegate.

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