How to Optimize Your Business Resources

This article I found talks about optimizing your business resources. Here are some highlights:

You may be bringing down the morale of your employees by overworking them. The solution is to optimize your business resources, so that you can extract greater productivity from your team before you start recruiting new people.

Value over volume

One of the quickest, yet most difficult decisions that start-up founders can take in terms of optimizing business resources is emphasizing the value provided rather than volume. This means raising prices of your product or service in a way that makes the volume of transactions come down, but thanks to the higher margins, your revenue go up. 

Reduce wastage

Wastage is a huge problem, especially in food and other consumables businesses. Not only does this increase your operational costs, but it can also overwork and frustrate your employees, by making them produce stuff that has to be thrown away anyway. 

Outsource non value-adding work

Not all work needs to be done in-house. Consulting firms have dedicated personnel who can take care of various tasks, like preparing a presentation or aggregating your spreadsheets. While these tasks are important, it does not make sense for a consultant with high billable hours to perform them. 

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