Get More for Less.

All organisations want success but struggle with different challenges: the complex market, rising costs, economic uncertainty, competitor advantage and changes in consumer preferences.  More and more, businesses are turning to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as a way to combat these challenges, allowing investment in core business activities and growth less constrained by large capital expenditure.

Here at BPO Heroes, our goal is to help businesses improve their operations every day. We understand the challenges of managing multiple things at once; let us take charge of your numerous functions and processes.

Our Services

Virtual Assistant

Hiring an actual virtual assistant can be costly and risky. You’ll entrust the business to a complete stranger. But when you work with us, it’s a different story.

We invest in systems, people and training that ensure you partner with a team you can trust. Our skilled virtual assistants are experts at administrative tasks and knowledgeable in different online platforms and business solutions.

Data Entry

Accurate data is at the heart of accelerated business growth. As the business develops, however, keeping track of all data becomes a tiresome challenge. You can hire an in-house team, but managing them is equally stressful.

BPO Heroes’ outsourcing data entry services pave the way for instant data access — minus the expensive costs. Our team understands the sensitive and thorough nature of data entry. We provide time, dedication and accuracy to improve your business’ productivity and performance.

Customer Care

Customer service is crucial in improving your business’ image to current and potential customers. Through the years, we have acquired the right knowledge and skills to ensure your customers are happy and satisfied. With professionalism and support, trust your customer relations to BPO Heroes’ service excellence.

BPO Heroes can also take care of your HR and Payroll outsourcing needs. As your company grows, we are here to support all of your human resources needs. From front office to back office and everything in between, we are here for you.

Recruitment Assistant

Many companies have been trying to stand out in a competitive job market, but due to several barriers attracting best candidates is becoming more difficult. You've most likely spent numerous hours on daily clerical tasks like as hiring procedures, long screening processes, scheduling appointments, and so on.

In BPO Heroes, we value the concept of finding qualified and reliable candidate as it’s an essential factor in growing your business. Our team can increase your business productivity by helping you eliminate those time-consuming activities and imagine how you can free up more time to focus on your other essential business operations.

Research and Data Mining

Staying ahead the competition requires a lot of research. We help you make strategic decisions by studying the competition, taking charge of complex analysis, and offering insightful reports.

No need to worry about data mining, either Analysing large batches of data from different sources can be tough; instead of doing it yourself, we will collect and collate the information for you. Data mining adds value to your operations by summarising marketing, financial and other forms of business information.

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